Overhead fluorescents not cutting it anymore? We've got you covered. 

All tapings are currently on hold until Shelter In Place is over.

Here at Blue Door, we understand how agonizing it can be to set up a successful self-tape station at home. The lighting is never quite right, street noise is a given, and does anyone actually have an entire wall with nothing on it? We know you're busy - let us do the leg work instead.


You come into the office prepped and ready to go on tape. We provide the soundproofed space, lights and reader if you need one! We'll spend your half hour session getting a take you feel good about.


After we put you on tape, your work is done. We'll take care of editing your material however you choose. 


For the last step of the process, we'll send you your edited footage. We work swiftly and efficiently, to get your completed taping to you as soon as possible.


We keep it affordable at $30 for 30 minute taping session.


We know that time is of the essence, so we offer taping sessions 7 days a week. Click 'Book Now' to see our current availability, and request a time slot. We will confirm your slot.

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