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At Blue Door, we believe in empowering actors and filmmakers with the knowledge they need to continue to learn, grow and succeed. 

Chicago SAG Franchised Agencies

Chicago Casting Offices

  • The Cast Station Chicago     

    • 2810 W. Addison St.

  • Compass Casting               

    • 4312 N. Lincoln Ave.

  • O'Connor Casting

    • 1219 W. Madison

  • Simon Casting                    

    • 2558 W. 16th St., 5th floor

  • Paskal Rudnicke Casting     

    • 10 W. Hubbard, #2N

  • Karge & Ross Casting

    • c/o I.O. Theatre

    • 1501 N. Kingsbury St

Training Studios

Headshot Photographers

Resumé Template

Too often resumés aren't looking their best. Here's a template you can use to start your work. ​

Download Resumé Template



  • Use fonts that are easy to read and professional

  • Stick to two fonts max

  • DO NOT put your home address 

  • Use your agent's contact information if you have one