At Blue Door, we believe in empowering actors and filmmakers with the knowledge they need to continue to learn, grow and succeed. 

The Contract

All of us have been stuck waiting for footage that seems to take years to receive, if you receive it at all! This contract is a template for actors and producers for narrative content, keeping both parties safe, and making sure that those who work for free/cheap get the footage they are owed in a timely fashion. 

Blue Door Collective and its employees are not an attorneys and do not certify that this form protects any particular legal interest.  All forms and documents provided are for educational purposes only and any user should consult licensed legal counsel for any specific purpose or concern.

Chicago SAG Franchised Agencies

Chicago Casting Offices​

  • Compass Casting               

    • 4312 N. Lincoln Ave.

  • Karge & Ross Casting

    • c/o I.O. Theatre

    • 1501 N. Kingsbury St

  • O'Connor Casting

    • 1219 W. Madison

  • Paskal Rudnicke Casting     

    • 10 W. Hubbard, #2N

  • Simon Casting                    

    • 2558 W. 16th St., 5th floor

Training Studios

Headshot Photographers

Resumé Template

Too often resumés aren't looking their best. Here's a template you can use to start your work. ​

Download Resumé Template



  • Use fonts that are easy to read and professional

  • Stick to two fonts max

  • DO NOT put your home address 

  • Use your agent's contact information if you have one

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