Production for Actors

with producer Jacquelyn Jamjoom

Guest Instructors

Erica Duffy

Camera Ambassador 

Erica has your back when it comes to all things camera. She's coming in to talk about gear, set ups, and what you don't need.

Hamzah Jamjoom

Digital Hydra 

With more edits under his belt than we care to count, we're bringing Hamzah in to talk about editing. From how to capture your footage to NLE, Hamzah has your back.

Tuesdays from 7:00p-9:00p

Starting April 2nd, 2019

$240 | 8 weeks

12 Student limit


Take your career into your own hands and learn how to create and produce your own work. The amazingly talented Jacquelyn Jamjoom is here to pass on her producing knowledge to actors in this eight-week course. Students will leave class with a short film (if they do their homework) and the knowledge to go out and continue creating.


Week 1 | Development

The class kicks off by developing your project and honing your screenwriting skills. Each student is asked to bring a 5 page script (we encourage you to write your own piece)  so we can cover:

  • Development/Financing Your Film

  • Screenwriting Tips & Tricks from a Producers Perspective

  • Genre

  • Table Reads


Week 2 | Scheduling for Film
  • Approach to scheduling

  • Script breakdown

  • Time Management

  • DOODs/Strip boards

Week 3 | Budgeting
  • Budgeting based on your script breakdown

  • How many talent/crew can you afford and how many do you need?

  • Talent rates (union and non-union)

  • Above and below the line expenses

  • All the things you'd never think of


Week 4 | Pre-Production
  • Hiring crew + negotiating rates

  • Pre-production meetings and communication strategies

  • Casting & talent schedules

  • Staying organized


Week 5 | Production
  • Cinematography 101 

  • On-set protocol + safety

  • When everything goes wrong


Week 6 | Post-Production
  • Wrapping your project

  • Hiring your post team 

  • Non-linear editing 101

  • How is the project going to be released?


Week 7 | Marketing, Distribution, Rough Cut Review

  • Giving/Receiving Notes on Post

  • Understanding how to market your project

  • Distribution strategies

  • Students will show a rough cut of their project

Week 8 | Final Cut & Wrap Party

All of your hard work is paying off! We'll screen the final cut of your projects and have a beer or two.

About Jaquelyn


Jacquelyn Jamjoom is a Chicago based filmmaker and Founder of PROTEÁ, a female owned Film Production Company. Previously, Jacquelyn was Executive Producer at Digital Hydra for 6 years, where she produced internationally renowned TV series, feature films, music videos and commercial content for brands such as McDonalds, Chicago Bulls, Chicago Blackhawks and Facebook.

Jacquelyn served as contract producer/director for Tastemade, an award winning food and travel network for the digital age. At Tastemade, Jacquelyn produced and directed content for brands like SC Johnson Pledge, Chase Sapphire, Avocados from Mexico, ABC Digital and many more while making her way across the US, Europe and beyond to bring mouth watering food and home design to millions of viewers worldwide. 

Some of Jacquelyn's most recent narrative work includes seasons 3 and 4 of the hit Middle Eastern TV series “WaMahyaya”, now streaming on Amazon Prime, award winning and independently produced TV pilot “Public Housing Unit”, which is making its way through the festival circuit, and “Hunting God”, a feature film in post production. She was selected to write and direct a short film for the 2018 Destroy Your Art event and she is wrapping up production on a slate of 3 web series for Chicago Media Angels Digital Studios. Jacquelyn’s diverse body of work is indicative of her continuing creative goal to tell untold stories that serve a greater purpose, encourage diversity, and promote understanding across nations, cultures, religions and genders. 

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