Reckless Confidence

Written by casting director Sarah Clark

Reckless Confidence

Recently, I spoke on a panel and was asked, "How do you deal with the fear of failure?" I paused and said, "I'm the wrong person to ask about that..."

I'll be the first to say that I'm lucky that I don't have anxiety and I know that makes me hard to relate with (consider that privilege checked.) I ended up answering with, "I just never thought I wouldn't succeed...I just had this...reckless confidence" It quickly ended up on social media, resonated with people, and I've been asked to turn it into a t-shirt. For now, a blog...maybe t-shirts though. I do love t-shirts.

Having a ridiculously confident person tell you "Be more confident!" might sound like someone without depression telling a depressed person to "Just cheer up!" and I'm taking the risk that it's received that way. Fingers crossed this helps you!

Reckless Confidence doesn't mean that you're going to book every job - hell, it doesn't even mean you're going to get every audition you submit for. It means that you can be confident in the things you can control. Your personality, prep, tools, and the energy that you walk in the room with.

Be You.

I don't know how many casting directors and agents have to say it, but we'll say it as many times as we have to until more people hear it: All we want, more than anything else, is for you to be unapologetically yourself. Then own it.

At the end of a casting, so many people are coming in and reading the same lines. The thing that makes people different is their personalities, so be confident in yours. If that means you're a bit shy or you're super sarcastic, or whatever, fine! Show us YOU!

Can you imagine a dentist about to work on your teeth and being scared that you don't like them as a person? I wouldn't let them work anywhere near my mouth - end of discussion. It doesn't matter if everyone likes you. Be yourself and the roles you're right for will follow. (Yeah, that means that you're not going to book every job. Shocking, I know.)

Challenge yourself

I would love for you to take this month to start working on your confidence - in the casting room and out of it.

When an actor walks in with confidence I immediately feel so much more comfortable and so does the rest of production. Start owning it! Whatever your thing is - you're funny, you're shy, you're quirky, you're basic (listen, no shame) - please come in with reckless confidence. Your auditions will be more fun, hopefully you can stop stressing over them as much, and productions will feel a huge relief when all that other energy isn't in the room anymore.

#RecklessConfidence - Fake it until you make it, love. Whoever you are is exactly who I want to see.

Good luck out there!



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