Don't Be That Person

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

We all know these actors. Here's a couple ways to keep their behavior in check and not let it get to you. 

The Bitter Actor

These actors are toxic and it's crappy for other actors to deal with. Usually The Bitter Actor doesn't get called in and blames everyone but themselves. Let's break it down:

- "I'm not getting cast because casting directors play favorites."

  • Do CDs have favorites? Yep - professional actors. I can't speak for all CDs but my favorite actors come in, do their job, and put me at ease about the audition. I don't have a stable of ponies that I exclusively send to clients. That's bad business and would put our office's relationships with agents on the rocks.

-"My agent never submits me."

  • Yes they do. Agents make money when actors do and it would be stupid not to submit you. They're submitting as many people as possible. I promise. I go through hundreds of submissions daily.

-"You have to take a class with the casting director to get seen."

  • No you don't. I'm one of many CDs who teaches. Do you know how small my casting sessions would be if I only saw my students? I've seen thousands of actors this year and most of them have never taken a class with me. Period.

-"I don't even want to audition for that casting director anyway."

  • Cool! I won't call you in then. :)

The Remedy

- Suggest to this person to get some additional training under their belt.

- Maybe their headshots and resumé need a facelift.

- Walk away. You don't need that negativity in your life.

The Loudmouth Humble-bragger 

"I'm exhausted - I've just been so busy working SO much lately!"

"Ugh. I had 6 auditions this week. How am I supposed to memorize all this? 

It's gotta be tough working so much...but I bet that actors who say things like this actually aren't working this much. The actual pros are quiet in the audition room, come in, do their job, and leave. They don't fill the waiting room with noise about how great they are.

The Remedy

- Kill them with kindness. Congratulate them so much they don't have room to complain. It's amazing how this squelches their griping about how great they are.

- Walk away. You don't need that negativity in your life.

The ACTOR who needs too much attention

These are my least favorites of the actors you don't want to be. This is the fastest way for me to never bring you back. Here's why: 

-"But I'm an ACTOR! I can be anything they want!" 

  • No you can't. You're a 45 year old man; you cannot play a 3 year old. You're a 20 year old blonde; you cannot play a sumo wrestler. Be realistic.

-"That's it? You don't want to see a monologue? I can do a monologue." 

  • No. I want you to do the job I asked you to do - the same way I wouldn't ask my dentist to fix my car. 

-"Blah blah blah I'm not letting casting get a word in because what I'm saying is more important blah blah blah."

  • Enough said.

The Remedy

- Walk away. You don't need that negativity in your life.

Don't be that person. Good luck out there!

- S


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