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Demo Reels

May 28th - May 31st 2020 | $885

With five sold out camps under our belt, make sure you join the waitlist so you don't miss out on your slot.

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"You have a wonderful way of creating a space where the actor practically instantly feels comfortable. If I were staying in Chicago, I would be signing up for classes with you. You are a delight. :) And lastly, thank you for creating the demo reel camp!"

Waiting for footage sucks.

Getting footage that doesn't show your range sucks. Subpar footage sucks. Not having enough footage for a reel sucks...and on and on. We're here to help. ​

Blue Door Collective is providing a service that actors desperately need. By creating demo reels for actors, we put the control back in your hands.

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Day One - Mixer

Mix and mingle with fellow campers and camp staff at an evening beer and wine reception. Receive your scenes for your demo reels, written just for you. 

Day Two - Rehearsal

Focus your film acting technique with lessons and exercises in the craft. Rehearse your scenes with scene partners. 

Day Three + Four - Shoot

Film your demo reel scenes, appear as scene partners in other scenes.


Check out all the hard work you put into your demos! Join the staff and your fellow actors at Blue Door Collective for the premiere!

You will be emailed your demo reel scenes (one comedy and one drama) plus all of the scenes you appeared in within 2 weeks of camp.

Sarah Clark

You probably know Sarah as the casting director of Compass Casting. Did you know she's also an Emmy Nominated producer? Did you know she's an award winning producer for film and new media?


Sarah has over 500 demo reels under her belt wearing her writer/producer hat and she's happy to bring those skills to Chicago.

Kendal Miller

Kendal Miller is an accomplished DP, producer, and Emmy-nominated director. With experience in shooting high-end commercials to gritty docu-series Kendal’s eye for incredible shots is exceptional. We’re excited to have such an accomplished filmmaker on our team!

DimeStore Films

When these award winning filmmakers aren't directing and editing their own films like ORIGIN OF WIT AND HUMOR or HYPOXIA, you can find them editing here at Blue Door.


Christian and Hunter editing their hearts out each day to hit our Tuesday premiere deadline!

Eve Rosenthal
Camp Coordinator

When things need to run smoothly at camp, Eve is your gal. Need help with your wardrobe? Need a scene prepped? Need to know, most importantly, when lunch is going to be here? Eve.


All day, every day.

Additional Information


  • 100% refund is available within 72 hours of enrollment, as long as enrollment is completed 6 weeks before camp.

  • 50% refund is available if cancellation is made prior to 30 days before the start of camp.

  • 25% refund is available if cancellation is made 21 days before the start of camp.

  • There is no refund available within 20 days of the start of camp.

  • Our payment plan makes it easy to enroll. For only $400 down you'll be set up automatic payments, making it easy to pay down the balance. 

Demo Camp > Waiting for footage

Your time is money. How are you going to spend it?

Auditioning & Waiting

The free* option is auditioning for projects to get enough footage to make a reel. It looks like this:

  • Spend hours submitting for projects that may or may not be good.

  • Commute to an audition, hopefully at a safe location.

  • Audition for a role you may or may not be right for.

  • Get cast - yay! 

  • Commute to set, shoot for 12 hours, get a cold lunch.

  • Wait for a long time (sometimes years) to get footage and cross your fingers it looks good.

* free - If you put an hourly rate on how much time this will take, you're still losing money. 

$hoot on your own

It's expensive to do a demo on your own and not split the cost with other actors.


It costs $6,185.00 per day of production. 

That's an affordable production day by most producer's view, but that's a ton of money for most people. Splitting the cost amongst other actors will make it affordable and gives us other talent for you to read with.

Shoot with Us

You walk away with two pieces of footage within 2 weeks of filming. If you break that down, that's $437.50 per scene. That's less than a headshot session for most actors. 

You come in, you film, you get your footage in two weeks. The end.