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Blue Door Gallery​

Calling All Local Chicago Visual Artists!

Owner Sarah Clark started Blue Door Collective in 2017 to bring training, resources, and assistance to Chicago's film industry. Blue Door has always been in the business of building up actors and filmmakers, but now, we want to take it to the next level and expand our support to visual artists. 

Thus, the Blue Door Gallery was born. 


Selected artists will receive a $100 stipend to host an opening night at the gallery. 

Invite friends, family and potential buyers to an gallery opening in our space.


On average, Blue Door sees between 80-100 actors daily. With the added traffic from 3-7 classes a week, our office sees an upwards of 300 people in just one week! Get your work seen by a massive audience over a 3 month period.


In addition to widespread exposure, name your price!


The art we select will be on sale and we will have an artist bio section for you to list your website and link to more of your work.

your art here!

How do I submit?

Please upload 1-4 pieces of artwork below.

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Submissions are currently closed! Announcement coming soon...

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